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Natalie Williams

Communications Manager

Natalie Williams is a communications manager at 2U. In her role, Natalie supports the South African region’s business priorities by working across business functions to drive strategic internal and external communications, and help connect the company vision and values with employees and partners.


Everything Is “Lekker!” Cape Town 2Utes Share Their Unique Cultures for South Africa’s Heritage Day

Every September 24, my fellow South Africans and I take the day off to celebrate our country’s amazing diversity of beliefs, traditions, and languages. Hear what Heritage Day means to 2Utes from four different cultural groups: Malay, Zulu, Venda, and Afrikaans.

Sep 22, 2021·Natalie Williams

Partner Spotlight

Webinar Recap: How to Lead on Racial Equity

GetSmarter hosted a LinkedIn live event titled “How to Lead on Racial Equity: Turn dialogue into action.” Ellen McGirt, senior editor at Fortune Magazine, was joined by Dr. Alvin Tillery, founding director of Northwestern University’s Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy, to discuss what it means to promote racial equity and achieve statistical parity in organizations. Watch the video.

Oct 6, 2020·Natalie Williams